Dear EHPS2015 participants,

We are glad to welcome you all to Limassol!


As we would very much like you to feel familiar with the city and have the opportunity to explore it individually or with your friends, we have put together a few suggestions for family activities as well as places to eat, drink and explore around Limassol.

Please keep in mind that this is not a tourist guide and the suggestions are only based on our own experience.

The city of Limassol lies between the ancient cities of Amathus to the east (close to our conference venue) and Curium to the west.

The byzantine times of Limassol ended after Richard the Lionheart conquered Amathus and married his fiancée Berengaria at the medieval castle of Limassol, (where our conference dinner party will be held).

Being a port city, Limassol had great wealth; however this main advantage was also the city's downfall and the cause of it being the target for many conquerors including the Venetians, the French Levantines, the Romans, Ottomans and English.

Thanks to this rich history, the ruins in and around the city are varied and reveal suggestion of the diverse historical times and cultural influences.

Nowadays, Limassol is the second largest urban area in Cyprus, with the centre of the city (as well as the Old Town) lying around the medieval castle and the new city extending further out along the coastline to the east.

However, as history is not our strong point neither our focus, we are happy to now move on to provide you with some tips on how to spend your time in the beautiful and lively city of Limassol, in case you have some free time between the sessions and symposiums of the conference. Enjoy…



Limassol marina: At the end of Molos is the new Limassol Marina, a place full of cafés, restaurants and even a few shopping spots. Limassol is very proud of its new marina, because it’s a new public space to relax by the sea.

Walk by the seafront: Less than 10km from the conference venue, the centre of the city is a pleasant walk along the seaside (as long as it’s not too hot!). It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze and the view and you will find a few places to have a coffee or something to nibble on your way.

Old town: Walk along the side streets of the old town among small colorful shops with craftwork and souvenirs (even traditional snacks like nuts and dried fruits). The area of Agiou Andreou Street has recently been pedestrianized and it’s particularly pleasant for walks. There are also many coffee shops and interesting bars which are usually full of people.


Archaeological sites:

Medieval castle: In the centre of the old part of the city, very close to the marina is the medieval castle of Limassol where you can see the Cyprus Medieval Museum with its exhibits reflecting the modern Cyprus economic, cultural and social development. Tel: (+357) 25-305419

Amathus archaeological site: Very close to the conference venue, a few meters east of the coastal road, you can wander around the ruins of the ancient Cyprus town dating back to 1100 BC

Kolossi castle: At Kolossi village, around 14km west of Limassol, this castle dating from 1454, stands in a rural area and the walk there can be combined with a visit to an ancient sugar cane factory. Tel: (+357) 25-934907

Curium Amphitheatre: This Greco-Roman amphitheatre located 19km west of Limassol, is a must-see site overlooking the coast, especially if you can attend one of the concerts or theatrical performances that are regularly hosted there during the summer months.Tel: (+357) 25-934250



  • “Glykolemono”: 25 Olympion Street, Omiros & Araouzos Tower, (+357) 25761801 (Next to the Municipal Gardens)
  • “The Cookhouse”: 112 Gladstonos St, (+357) 25353434 (City centre)
  • “Ta Piatakia”: 7 Nikodimou Mylona, (+357)  25745017
  • “Yiagkini”: Chatziloizi Michaelidi (Old town, next to Saripolou Square)
  • “Stretto”: (+357) 25820465 (Castle area)
  • “Artima”: (+357)  25820466 (Castle area)
  • “Karatello”: (+357) 25820464 (Castle area) – Conference Dinner venue
  • “Ousia”: (+357) 25109040 / 25109041 (Castle area)
  • “Aristo…Teleion”: 29 Irenes St., (+357) 25107371 / (+357) 99113559 (Castle area)
  • “Aris Lemesou” Taverna: 54 Costa Kouzari St., (+357) 25345091 / (+357) 99344237 (Heroes square)
  • “Mprizoladiko” Grill: (+357) 94000750 (Heroes square)

Across the street from the conference venue, a “secure” option is Uptown Square that covers all tastes (American, Asian, fusion).



For some bar hopping we suggest the following among the many establishments in town:

  • “Madame”: 24 Andrea Drousioti St., (Heroes Square, across the street from Rialto Theatre)
  • “Lab” Café Bar: Anexartisias St , (+357) 25738882 (old town)
  • “Library” Café Bar: 1, Themidos str., (+357) 25-361362 / (+357) 99-412244 (old town)
  • “Soho Wine and Beer Lounge: 35-37 Arch. Kyprianou St., (+357) 70003537 (old town, close to the Town Hall)
  • “Sousami” Bar: 8 Kitiou Kyprianou St, (+357) 99846645 (old town)
  • “Wagon” Bar: 221 Agiou Andreou St., (+357) 99196651 (old town)

Saripolou Square is a new hip area with several bars serving platters, food, and – of course – drinks. A younger, student crowd tends to frequent there.



  • “Sto dromo”: Genethliou Mitella St. (old town) – there are other cafés and bars on the same street that are good options too
  • “Thalassaki” Molos seafront, opposite the catholic church
  • Traditional Coffee Shop “Mallon Glykis”: Chatziloizi Michaelidi 3-25, (+357) 25355325 (old town; next to Saripolou Square)
  • “Kafeneio Electrika Idi”: Chatziloizi Michaelidi 3-25, (+357) 25763503 (old town, next to Saripolou Square)
  • “P” café:  Kitiou Kyprianou, (+357) 25341944 (old town)
  • Cult Tag: 241A Agiou Andreou St, (+357) 25109309 (old town)
  • Namaste: 139 Agiou Andreou St, (+357) 25350037 (old town)

Some of the cafés serve food and/or snacks also, please check with the waiter.

In the case your children have accompanied you on this trip, the following are some excellent family activities you can enjoy together (all outside Limassol town):


For any other information, just track us down.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Limassol!

The Organising Committee